Services in the Riverside Parishes in May

   Important announcement ;  

  The churches of the Riverside Parishes have decided to temporarily suspend public worship in our

  churches, pending guidance from the diocese.

  Services will be broadcast on line via Zoom until further notice.  


 May 2nd   Easter 5  ;   Morning Prayer  9.30 am

 May 9th    Easter 6  ;   Lord's Supper    9.30 am

 May 16th  Sunday after Ascension ;   Morning Prayer 9.30 am

 May 23rd  Pentecost ;  Lord's Supper  9.30 am

 May 30th Trinity Sunday; Holy Communion 9.30 am   Service is in Kelham church and streamed on Zoom



Each Thursday ;  Evening Prayer  service ; 6.00 pm  


 These services are now to be transmitted on Zoom to obtain your Zoom invitation contact Revd Georgie

 on  01636 821343 or 07811 393920


  Stay Home , Stay Safe  and help protect the NHS and all of us, help save lives.