The Marriage Policy of the Riverside Parishes


 In October 2008 the Church of England relaxed its regulations about who can be married in which church.  It now means that you can continue to be married in the parish church (or any of the churches in the United Benefice) in which one or both of you live, but that there are other qualifying criteria to give you more choice, i.e.

 -   If your parents live, or have lived for at least six months during your lifetime in the parish in which you wish to marry;

-    If you have ever lived in that parish;

-    If you or your parents or grandparents were baptised or married there.

-    If you have worshipped regularly in the parish for at least six months before your wedding, and you name has been entered on the electoral roll of that parish.

 There are other qualifying criteria but it would be best to speak with Revd Georgie Hadley  telephone 01636  821343. mobile 07811 393920 or email:   

There is no requirement now for either of you to have been baptised, but if you haven’t you may like to consider this.




Please contact the Revd Georgie Hadley for a preliminary discussion.  The minister who will conduct your wedding will then meet with you, the date of your wedding will be entered into the Benefice Diary and preparations can begin.

 A second meeting is held near the date of the wedding to plan the service, and a wedding rehearsal will be organised.  Current fees and all other information can be obtained from either Revd Georgie Hadley or the churchwardens.

 Blessing of Marriage

 We can also offer a Blessing of a Civil Marriage service which may follow a Civil Marriage held in Newark Registry Office or Kelham Hall and is planned individually with you.

Contact Revd. Georgie Hadley for further information.

 •           Sundry Points

 Confetti.  The throwing of confetti is permitted, but this should be at the church gate and not within the churchyard.

 Consideration of the maintenance of churchyards with regard to mowing and control of pests and vermin will be at the discretion of the PCC, who are required to strike a balance in keeping the churchyards maintained and cared for, whilst having consideration to the provision of areas for wildlife in suitable parts of the churchyard.